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Healing and Refreshing Himalayan Plum Soap

Healing and Refreshing Himalayan Plum Soap

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Product Description

Enriched with the goodness of exotic Himalayan plums, this soap is a nutritious bar of refreshing healthiness. Skincare has never peaked like this before!

A natural wonder that nourishes and purifies the skin like no other, Himalayan plums have been an integral part of Indian medicine for over 2000 years. Overflowing with nutrients and vitamins, they enable healthy tissue building and safeguard the skin from a variety of ailments. The fruit also contains a high quantity of minerals like potassium, calcium and zinc.

Himalayan plums are a dependable source of antioxidants, Vitamins C & E, as well as beta-carotene, protecting the skin from oxidative stress and fighting off free radicals. This helps keep signs of premature aging at bay, by reducing the occurrence of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which promote elasticity and blood circulation, while mitigating inflammation.

Key Ingredient

The exotic Himalayan Plum, a significant part of Indian medicine for over 2000 years.

Other Ingredients

Soap Noodles, Perfume, Butylated hydroxytoluene, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Embelica Officinales (Amla), Melia Azadirachta, Ourcuma Longa (Haldi), Oolour l no 15510, Aqua, TFM 76, Grade 1.

Usage Instructions

Wet your skin, and let the soap form a thick lather. You can then gently scrub throughout to ensure that the nutrients get properly absorbed.

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