When we spoke with family and friends about nutrition, we found a recurring theme: people universally felt their diet needed to be complemented with supplements to make up for the nutritional gap regular foods left. And the conversations invariably veered into natural detoxification, gut health, weight loss, skin health, hair condition and bone health. Words like superfoods, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins were thrown in as solutions.  

Inspired by our conversations we created a range of supplements that checked all of those boxes . 

Sourcing natural non-GMO certified, USDA organic ingredients from certified organic farms and orchards, we created a range that is proudly made in Kerala, and follows the most stringent of Ayurvedic techniques of preparation.  

Packed in 100%  plant-based cover, we’ve made a range of supplements that are 100% bio-available - which means they are fully absorbed into the bloodstream, harnessing all of their nutrient value.

The supplement range currently includes- 

Spirulina - a superfood packed with essential protein - which we recommend you take in the morning for sustained energy

Vitamin C - an ascorbic acid supplement - or like we call it here at Haeal, absorb-ic acid! Because it maximizes the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. We recommend that you take this mid-day.

Omega 3 - a superfood packed with essential fatty acids which helps regulate blood pressure, and triglycerides that help with healthy skin and hair. We recommend you take this in the evening.

If you would like help in better understanding how supplements can help you, please feel free to write to us at