Put the win in winter (or, how to choose the right skin lotion for dry, cold weather)

Put the win in winter (or, how to choose the right skin lotion for dry, cold weather)

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all skincare. Your skin type, and the weather, dictates what your skin needs to be at its healthiest best. And with winter's around the corner, can dry, rough skin be far behind? 

With winter bringing in dry air, a tendency to drink less water, and the need to make a switch to hot water for showers,  skin is stripped of its moisture, leaving it dull and flaky, and vulnerable to infections and breakouts. Which is why it is critical that skin gets the extra nourishment and moisture that it craves in this cold weather. The right lotion can help skin retain moisture, soothe it and keep it glowing, while one with SPF can even shield it skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

But which is the right lotion for your skin type? 

Know the skin you’re in

A lotion is essential, regardless of whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin. 

A thick cream is a good bet for sensitive or dry skin to really seal in moisture. Because lotions are thinner, they work better on normal skin, that does not need as heavy hydration. And milder, oil-free moisturising lotions work wonders to keep oily skin hydrated just the right amount. 

But before choosing a winter lotion, you should know what your skin type is.

  1. Oily Skin: Oily skin is usually prone to acne and breakouts. Which is why water-based, non-comedogenic lotions are the best option. Thicker creams can cause skin irritation and aggravate acne and are best avoided.

  1. Dry Skin: For excessively dry skin, products with petroleum jelly work a charm. It creates a skin barrier that keeps moisture locked in. Just keep in mind, these products may be best suited for a bedtime routine, as they can be too heavy and oily for daytime use.

  • Normal Skin: Those with normal skin are the lucky ones with a wider range of creams and lotions they can safely experiment with. A mild lotion,  especially one containing 5 to 10% Cyclomethicone, a transparent, alcohol-free chemical molecule, may be all they need for supple and dewy skin even in winter.

  • Sensitive Skin: Winter can be especially tough on those with sensitive skin, with the cold, dry weather aggravating pre-existing skin conditions. Experts recommend using a lotion with calming ingredients like aloe or chamomile. Avoiding harsh fragrances and colours which irritate the skin, can also go a long way in keeping sensitive skin healthy in winter.

  • Aging Skin: The bane of aging skin? Dryness. And winter only makes it worse. Which is why oil-based lotions with a petroleum-jelly base is the ideal choice for mature skin.

  • Time it right

    When selecting a face and body lotion, it's important to keep in mind when and where you'll use it. A mild lotion, for example,  works better through the day, when you are out and about, while a thicker, richer product works better at night. Similarly, a heavier cream is better suited for the body, and a lighter lotion for facial skin.

    Tips for tip-top skin

    In addition to using a good daily moisturiser, here are some do’s and don'ts for beautiful and radiant skin this winter:

    • Avoid hot showers. Stick to lukewarm or mildly warm water. Hot water can overdry skin, stripping it of natural oils that keep it healthy.

    • Use a humidifier to keep indoor air adequately humid. An uncovered bowl of water can do duty, in absence of a humidifier.

    • Use a moisturiser immediately after a shower. Skin is at its most receptive when it’s damp, and products go in deeper and work better.

    • When stepping out, wear protective gloves and scarves to stay protected from the weather.

    • If we are what we eat, then it makes sense to change our diet to suit the season. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants in your diet, as well as foods high in healthy fats like fish, seeds, and nuts.

    • Opt for nature-based lotions, made of natural ingredients which have been used in skincare since ancient times. For instance, Haeal Timeless Turmeric Lotion for Deep Cleansing and Lightening, Haeal Astonishing Aloe Vera Lotion for Antimicrobial Protection, Haeal Amazing Amla Vitamin C Lotion for Antibacterial Protection, Haeal Mystical Tea Tree Oil Lotion for Anti-inflammatory Effects, to name but a few. Nature-based products deliver the goodness of safe natural ingredients without the harsh effects of chemical additives, which dry out and agitate the skin even further in dry, cold weather.

    Winter skincare can be a walk in the park with the right lotion - all you need is to find it. And that’s where Haeal comes in. Just hop over to www.haeal.com/collections/lotion. Choosing one of the many amazing lotions will be the only hard part.

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