Dry when it’s wet - How to tackle dry skin in monsoon

Dry when it’s wet - How to tackle dry skin in monsoon

The Great Indian Monsoon is here, and we sure love it when it's around. The weather’s lovely, the sights are beautiful but skin? It can take quite a beating. We understand how a lot of you can find it super challenging when the monsoon’s around, and we hear you. We know that if your skin isn't properly cared for, the monsoon may have a significant impact on it.

The wet weather can exacerbate skin issues significantly. However, we believe you might see a difference by making minimal modifications to your skincare routine.

Open pores, boils, pustules, greasy skin, and prickly heat are all problems that arise with the arrival of monsoon. When the air is contaminated, dirt particles stick to the skin, giving it a dreary grey look. So, how can you keep your skin healthy throughout the rainy season? Here are some smart actions you can take to protect your skin from the effects of the monsoon.

Oil and the rain don’t mix:
There are several explanations for the dryness that happens during the monsoon season. A lot of people tend to use more salicylic-based face soaps to de-grease their skin as a result of their oiliness. While this momentarily eliminates oil, the oil gland compensates by producing additional oil. As a result, the skin's PH level fluctuates between acidic and alkaline, resulting in an oily-dry cycle.

During the monsoons, according to Ayurveda, the ‘vata dosha' vitiates, coupled with the buildup of the ‘pitta dosha,' resulting in a variety of skin issues. Extreme dryness or an overabundance of oil production in the skin are examples. The skin becomes more prone to breakouts and appears dull and worn.

Getting the Basics right:
Start with the essentials when it comes to monsoon skin care.

  1. Avoid Hot water: Excessive contact to water removes natural oils from the skin, hair, and nails. Dryness develops as a result of repeated exposure. If you use hot water, it's much worse. The water in the bath should be lukewarm; hot water is hard on the skin. The glands beneath the dermis have to work extremely hard to restore the skin's moisture balance.
  2. No Harsh Detergents: Avoid harsh washing agents by selecting high-quality soaps, cosmetics, and shampoos. Detergent-based shampoos as well as those containing sulphates induce dryness after just one usage. Astringents deplete the skin's vitality; scrubbing isn't essential.
  3. Humid Air: The humidified air is your adversary: Your skin loses its radiance, and your hair takes on a weathered, lifeless appearance. When this weather combines with pollution in your surroundings, it encourages the build-up of muck and sticky residue. A gentle, daily-rinse body wash and shampoo are the answer.

  4. Dry yourself: Fungal infections can be caused by excess moisture in the pubic and axillary regions of the body. During the rainy season, they are more common, so keep an eye out for wetness. After a shower or a swim, dry yourself thoroughly, and much more so if you're caught in the rain. Pay special care to the regions between the toes, beneath the skin folds, and around the neck.

Dry ‘n High: How to take care of your skin:
Cleaning and rejuvenating your skin on a regular basis can help maintain it looking and feeling clean.

Apart from drinking enough water to stay hydrated in the humidity, what you eat is also important. The first step in skin care is to eat a healthy diet. In such weather circumstances, an unhealthy or greasy diet can cause acne, open pores, fungal infections, and eczema.

Ayur Sure? Yes we are!:
One of the options for protecting your body and skin from illness is to use Ayurvedic soaps. Natural soaps do not strip the skin of its hydration while being harsh on impurities. These soaps do not alter the body's natural pH and combat germs and contaminants.

Such nature based components are already incorporated in our range of soaps, such as the Sensational Sea Buckthorn for fighting Sun Damage. It leaves a hydrating afterglow on

your dry skin, ensuring you're constantly comfortable and moisturised.
Choose the Beautiful British Rose for Exfoliating and Moisturising because it aids in the retention of natural skin hydration, resulting in soft, smooth, and beautiful skin. This soap also moisturiser dry, damaged skin, soothes the mind, and has a lovely flowery scent. Rose oil can assist with scars, acne, and sunburn.

Another monsoon-friendly alternative is the Supercool Charcoal Soap for Deep Cleansing. It's ideal for those with oily or mixed skin. The soap's activated bamboo charcoal absorbs dirt, toxins, and pollutants from the skin, unclogs and shrinks open pores, and clears acne, skin blemishes, dead cells, and excess oil for supple, beautiful skin.

With these tips, you should be sorted! Give yourself the best chance to hydrate your skin and soon, you’ll notice the changes. Head over to Haeal, and get yourself a range of soaps that are specially formulated and handpicked so your skin enjoys its best life!

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