Conditioners Apply! (Or, How To Show Your Hair Some Unconditional Love)

Conditioners Apply! (Or, How To Show Your Hair Some Unconditional Love)

Even a couple of generations back, the concept of a hair conditioner was alien to most of us in India. Then again, so were pollution, heat and chemical treatments, stress, food adulterations. But back then there was also the trademark oiling of hair which kept our hair healthy, strong and lustrous, just as nature intended.

But today life is very different (read ‘tougher’), and it shows on our hair - rough, dry, tangled, frizzy. And yet, very few consider a hair conditioner an important part of a hair care routine. If we have a routine at all.   

So what is a conditioner? And why is it so important for hair health? 

If we are to get all ‘sciency’ about it - a conditioner is a conditioning or moisturising product made of substances like silicones, lubricants, and emollients, along with cationic surfactants (science-speak for soaps and detergents, which help wash away greasiness). When these chemicals are mixed, they replenish the moisture in the hair that is stripped while shampooing.

Types of Conditioners

There are as many conditioners today as hair on one’s head. Don't panic though. We have pared down the knowledge of this most critical of hair care products into an easy ready reckoner of sorts. 

The most common variety, of course, is your standard post- shampoo conditioner. Apply after washing, leave on for a couple of minutes, and rinse off. Simple.  

Then there’s the deep conditioner. Kind of like a hair mask that is to be left on for longer, and penetrates the hair shaft more intensely. 
A cleansing conditioner (i.e., co-wash), functions like a combination of shampoo and conditioner - simultaneously cleansing and conditioning the strands.
A leave-in conditioner, also called a no-rinse conditioner, is applied on towel dried hair and left on.
Then there's the dry conditioner, which is to be sprayed in just the right quantity, to make hair smoother and softer, without making it greasy.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the most commonly used ones and the best way to use them.

How to the get the best out of your conditioner

There is a right, and wrong, technique to condition your hair - believe it or not. 

The correct technique is to first gently squeeze out some of the excess moisture from your freshly shampooed and rinsed hair. This is to avoid diluting and washing away the product’s hydrating benefits. 

Then take a pea-sized or coin-sized blob of the product (depending on length of hair) on your hands, and apply it using flowing, smooth motions, to avoid damaging or tangling wet hair.

Leave it on for a minimum of two minutes - that’s how long for the product to seep into the hair strands and do its magic. 

In case you are using a deep conditioner, though, do keep it on for at least 3 to 5 minutes before washing off thoroughly. 

How often should you use a conditioner? 

Conditioners soften and untangle the hair, which helps decrease damage and split-ends. So the answer is - every single time you shampoo! This is to replenish lost moisture as well as soften and detangle, which ensures combing, brushing and styling do not cause damage.

All that is fine, but why use a conditioner?
We can’t say this emphatically enough. Conditioners are the heroes our hair needs and deserves. 

Conditioners strengthen hair cuticles with a protective layer, helping the hair to grow without breakage. Hair is exposed to many factors that damage the cuticle - the exterior lining - and eventually cause cracks in it. A conditioner repairs and smoothers those damaged bits, and coats the strands to help the cuticle stay protected.

It also makes combing through hair considerably easier - detangling and smoothing it as it does. It adds gloss, eliminates frizz, and makes it softer to the touch.

Here’s a simple test - simply wash your hair, apply conditioner to one side of your head, and comb through your hair to see the difference. Smooooth. Just the way you like it.

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