Choosing between a body lotion and moisturise

Choosing between a body lotion and moisturise

As Indian summers and monsoons tend to be quite harsh, constantly moisturising the body is important. Using several items might complicate the process, particularly with all the options available.

For instance, it may be difficult to choose between lotion and cream. Knowing the distinction between the two is crucial, because they each have their own advantages and components. 

Regardless of your decision, both of these products are strongly recommended. The scent can be used to refer to a fragrance in the components being used to hide an unpleasant smell. You can choose from a wide range of fragrances available to make it easier for you to make that decision.

With the options available, you can choose among a range of options of lotions available.

Differences and similarities between lotion and cream:

Now, let's talk about overlap. A moisturiser is meant to hydrate your skin and lotions and creams are both moisturisers. A mixture of water and oil is used to create an emulsion for both.

Even though lotion contains more water than cream.  You must understand that lotion may just include a few droplets of oil which makes absorption considerably quicker, leading to a more significant feeling of lightness on the skin. This moisturiser is great for all over the body, with or without make-up.

Cream is roughly a 50/50 mix of water and oil. Since creams are thicker and greasier than water-based products, they stick better to the skin.

Oil-based creams are packaged in tubs due to this quality. When applied with the fingers, the component is far easier to apply than when it is squirted from a container. In addition, as it is readily absorbed by rough skin, vegan hand cream is commonly found in both hand and foot formulations.

What’s a lotion?

Lotions tend to have a larger water content than creams. The usual lotion is made up of water droplets mixed with oil droplets and is less dense than cream.

What is cream?

Similar to lotion, a cream consists of an oil combination with a greater amount of oil (a 50-50 ratio of water and oil). Lotions tend to be thinner and better at keeping skin moisturised. Due to the thickness of body cream, jars and tubs are most often used for packaging.

Creams have a larger proportion of oil and feel greasier than other lotions because of this.

What are the benefits of lotions?

Due to the reduced viscosity of body lotion, it is more suited for average (normal) to slightly dry skin. It's better for your skin because it doesn't leave as much of a greasy residue. This is excellent for the day and in hot weather.

What does it do for you?

Body cream is often used to help hydrate dry, cracked skin, as well as to prevent further drying and cracking. It's ideal for dry skin and for regular skin during harder winter months.

Due to the risk of severe dryness, oil-based lotions can not be used on the face. On the other hand, they're particularly good for dry skin on the hands, feet, and legs.

Become familiar with your skin type:

As you may be asking, why would you want to use either lotion or cream instead of using both together? The reality is that everyone has a distinct skin type. Sensitive skin requires individuals to be extra vigilant when it comes to choosing moisturiser products for their skin care regimen. Some people have regular skin and can pick their moisturiser with greater flexibility.

To finish up, remember to think about your skincare objectives. If you want anything with anti-aging qualities, you could want a face moisturiser with it, or a simple body oil may do the trick. Prior to selecting a product, ask yourself what you want to achieve.

For your skin type, you'll want to pick the ideal choice. You should probably try several experiments before making this decision. 

There are multiple options available for those who want to choose a strong lotion that can make a world of difference to their skin. At Haeal, you can choose among:

Aloe Vera: This amazing, soothing and hydrating body lotion ensures your body feels moisturized and light!

Activated Charcoal: Known to adsorb any impurities, activated charcoal cream can drive away impurities and keep your skin glowing and fresh.

Turmeric: Our turmeric lotion comes with an activated compound, curcumin. This super ingredient reduces free radicals and reduces inflammation on the skin!

Final takeaway

Many moisturising products are available in the market, but lotions are great to start off with. The creams are in the centre of the spectrum, while lotions are on the lowest end of the range, and butters being on the heavier side.

Trying a few different options will lead you to the correct product combination. Talking to a dermatologist whenever you have concerns is generally a good idea. Head over to Haeal and start shopping for the ideal lotion for your skin type and you’ll begin noticing the difference soon!

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